A Healthy Attitude to a Happy Life

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A basic, logical guide to prepare an individual to accept and flow through the river of life. These principles have worked for me and numerous peers. They will surely work for you.                  ps.  read rule 10 :  The Secret of Life.  

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Introduction This book is dedicated to my loving family and to my experiences on my journey through life which prompted me to write this book and share these principles with you.

Itroduction - read more
Introduction – read more

  Stay tuned for chapter 1  -  Introduction   read more




Pages 1 to 9 - read more
Pages 1 to 9 – read more

 **** NEW **** NOW  ****        to view   5 rules are shown and  10  lessons ,which will be revealed as our story unfolds.

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Conclusion - read more
Conclusion – read more




Now preview   the conclusion 



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